The curriculum departments at George Harvey Collegiate are divided into three general areas - Student Support, Communications, and High Technology. Here is a brief look at “what goes where" in this unique administrative model:

School Support: This area includes Guidance, Cooperative Education, Special Education, Health & Physical Education, Co-Curricular Athletics, and Schoo-Wide Initiatives.

Communications: This area includes English, Library, Literacy and OSSLT preparation (EQAO), Social Studies, and Languages and Culture (French, ESL, Family Studies).

High Technology: This area includes Technological Education, Cosmetology, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Science, Mathematics, Numeracy and EQAO preparations, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts.

This curriculum department model will undergo a realignment process in the fall of 2010, based on school improvement plans and discussions with Curriculum Leaders and teaching staff. Visit us in September as we roll out our new model!

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