The following list of sites aim at aiding you in sourcing and applying for Scholarships and Bursaries to help fund your Post-Secondary educations.


Excellent site to start your search for various ways of funding your Post-Secondary education. CanLearn “is the source for interactive information and tools designed to help you save, plan and pay for Post-Secondary education.”


Student Awards & Scholarships Canada
Both of these sites require you to register with them – free! To register you provide your e-mail address and answer a short questionnaire on the Post-Secondary programs you are interested in pursuing. Based on your answers both sites will send you information on the Colleges and Universities offering those programs, and lists of scholarships related to your program of interest.


Post Secondary is Possible
This site includes a searchable database of over 350 Scholarships and Bursaries (merit and need-based) available at Colleges, Universities, and other Financial Aid Granting bodies.


OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program
The Ontario Student Assistant Program (OSAP) site includes 24 different types of financial aid programs, including Grants, Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans. There are diverse options available, especially for those students with special circumstances (low-income, crown wards, First Generation, Aboriginal etc.). Some key links within the OSAP site include:

  • Full list of aid programs
  • 30% off Ontario Tuition program
  • Eligibility requirements
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